Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s or called the Feast of Saint Valentine is a holiday examine every 14th of February every year. It is commemorated in lots of nations all over the world, though it is not a festive in most countries. If you need or want some inspiring and unique styles and designs of valentine present this coming February 14, try these motivating and encouraging valentines activities that you can prepare for the whole kids in your classroom or for the children in your home.

1. It’s Love, Actually

Whether you’re planning a party for the whole class or you just simply hang out in your home, bear in mind that this February’s commemoration is all about that one certain 4-letter word, love.

2. Handmade Party Invite

Gather all kids around you and allow them to help you form such an adorable and unique hands-on invitation, which maybe messy in the end, but its uniqueness and the touch of love that enclose in it, will made the invitation adorable.

3. Party Cup Stickers

Every occasion requires a mark drink. Whether you decide to drink apple juice or chocolate drink, you can twist paper cups into an amazing party prop for Valentines with festive stickers on it. This will make drinks much entertaining to children.

4. Blooming Cupcake Liners

Oh, little Romeo, my Romeo is prepared to pursue. How can little prove that his admiration is for keeps, then he can begin with a personalize bud that will stay for a longer time.

5. Pixie Stick Heart

For some cute touch, choose cupid for it will not fail you for sure. Try creating some variety of small hearts and allow the kids to distribute them to their classmates, friends, and your family circle.

6. X and O Treats

Snack time will be messy with heart-shaped treats like candies and chocolates and for sure the kids will love it. Just a look with the candies, kids will be excited to try and eat it. 

7. Sweetheart Hair Pin

Amaze your little ones with a fashionable decoration that synchronize with the event theme.

8. Pasta Valentine

Having fun with food is really supported for art session like a heartfelt sentiment and homemade of not yet cooked, heart-shaped pasta.

9. Sewn Heart

This activity will be an easy one if you just simply download your designs for your easy-to-print template.

10. Glittery Snow Globe

One can create an empty household container into a adorable holiday keepsake having some simple steps.

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What are the 10 artistic Valentine's activities for kids?

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