When parents are considering entering their children into modeling or even acting, you can often find models young enough to still be in diapers. It is, in fact, a common sight to see models young enough to model diapers and other baby products. Child models can start at any age and can model a lot of items and products that are made for kids their age. When you are a parent who feels that your child can be one of those child models you see on ads and commercials, you will need to know when you can get your child started on this path and how you can get them started with child modeling.

How does a parent get their child to become a model? How can child models begin a career in modeling, and at what age should they begin? Young models can start modeling as babies and as toddlers. Toddler models and baby models can be successful depending on how their parents and the agents their parents get for them handle their careers. The first step that parents should take when they feel that their child is model material is to find the right agent to get their child’s modeling career started, and this means that they will have to search for one that will agree to handle their child and will also be able to get modeling stints for their child.

One of trickier things to do when looking for an agent is to find one that will handle models young enough to pose for products like baby food, diapers, and other baby products. Since most babies can be finicky when separated from their parents even for the shortest period of time, like the period of time it takes to get a good photo, most of the time, parents are asked to model with their baby model. This will present parents and agents with another problem and may require a parent to sign up as a talent with the agent along with their baby as well since this could mean that the parent will have to pose with the child to keep the baby behaved and easier to work with. This means that casting will be a bit trickier when this happens since the agent will have to sell both the child models and the parent models to the client. If the baby has the look they want but the parent does not, they can be declined the project. The same goes for a parent that they might like but the model may not pass their scrutiny.

Parents who have toddler models should also know that while they may not be required to pose with their kids, child models that belong to the toddler age group also have difficulties that need to be addressed. One of the difficulties that parents, agents, and photographers have when it comes to models young enough to belong to the toddler modeling pool is the hyperactivity these kids have. Photo shoots can become very trying and can wear down a photographer’s patience when tantrums erupt and when young models are hard to direct. This may be the reason why most toddlers aged 4 and 5 who enter modeling are more often chosen than toddler models that are younger.

Source of the text where it first appeared by Jhoana Cooper
What age should child models start modeling?

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