I think our laws should be changed, such, that a parent, or legal guardian, may abort their child at any time before they are eighteen years old.

The abortion should actually be performed by the government, at the Department of Abortions (DOA), on a no questions asked, basis.

For example, if a parent has a teenage boy who is not going to school, and/or getting into trouble, doing drugs, or not doing his chores, or just mouthing-off, then you simply take him down to the Department of Abortions, sign an order, and have the government abort him.

Or maybe you have a daughter who is wearing too much make-up, or she won’t clean her room, and smokes pot, etc, just drop-her-off at the DOA; problem solved.

There would have to be strict oversight, and controls. The government would be required to perform the abortion, and dispose of the remains. They would not be allowed to convert them into any other form; for example, they could not use them for some sort of slave labor, or fertilizer, etc. No abortee trade would be allowed.

This would have a very positive effect on society. Think of it; how much happier life would be, for a parent, without a smart-mouthed teenager to deal with; the terrible-two’s would be a thing of the past. Gangs, and gang violence would not exist; if a child wants to joins a gang, just threaten to take him, or her, down to the DOA.

If we have more recessions, or depressions, and there are two many mouths to feed, just drop the fat kids off at he DOA.

And the beauty of this is that we really wouldn’t have to abort all the many children. One, or two, retroactive abortions per class, every few years, that are well-publicized, would go along way toward changing the bad habits of their peers. It would certainly change poor attitudes, and poor behavior, and poor grades, into high-achieving, straight-A students.

We’d really have a bunch of nice kids, and a very low crime rate, and very happy parents. The whole world would be better.

Of course, the laws would have to be carefully crafted to prevent the creation of a black market in the trade of potential abortee’s. Parents who have a problem child, but are reluctant to actually have the abortion, may want to sell, or exchange their abortee, with other like-minded parents. On it’s surface, this is not a bad thing, if the exchange, is sanctioned by law, but, again, it would be easy to create a black market that would involve the free-trade of problem children, without adequate safe guards to protect the abortee’s. Without government control, and oversight, it would be too easy to use the children for illegal means, such as slave labor, or prostitution, or servants, etc.

I’ve written to my representatives, and I hope you will, too. Feel free to reference this article when you contact them.

Tha is just my opinion.

Spencer Holly, is not always an AngryCalifornian.com

Source of the text where it first appeared by Spencer Holly
We Need to Legalize Retroactive Abortions

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