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Maybe you’ve just taken the plunge into the world of freelance writing, or perhaps you’re just wondering how you might start jotting down your ideas.

Making sure you declutter before you begin.

Remembering to take breaks and installing an extension to limit your time wandering through the web (we like StayFocusd) can all help productivity.

But how do you actually improve your writing?

Here are some top tips.

Read, Read, & Read Some More

If you want to be a good writer, it’s important to read as widely as possible.

This will give you new perspectives, open your mind to topics you’ve never thought about, and introduce you to writing styles that are far removed from your own.

All of these things help you to develop insight and sensitivity, which are helpful when you’re trying to connect with people through your own words.

You might find that on reading broadly on a subject your opinion changes, or you encounter new vocabulary or important information.

Of course reading is also enormous fun, and if you think about in terms of personal and professional development, this should take any guilt you may feel out of your me time.

Remember To Get Out Of The House

Even if you’re not a routine sort of person, getting out of the house (or library, or office) at around midday is a good habit to get into.

Exposing yourself to natural daylight at this time is important for getting a good night sleep later on — something that a lot of writers are not so good at.

Turning your mind away from words and sentences and onto a physical task can also help to get things in order and recharge both brain and body.

You might even gain a fresh perspective about something.

According to Nietzsche “all truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

Engaging your senses with your surroundings in an active way, as required by walking, and discovering new places and routes, allows the mind at once to latch on to new things and to wander.

Write Something Every Day

Practice may not make perfect, but it certainly aids improvement.

Writing a little every day, even if it’s just a couple of thoughts or a short bullet journal, gets you into the habit of getting those words out.

So, when you have a deadline to meet or want to start your next piece, the task is altogether less daunting.

If you get into the habit of doing this, the snippets you scribble down can prove very useful when you’re looking for inspiration later on.

Try writing a short description of a different object every day for a week.

The next week, do the same thing, with the same objects, without looking at your first attempts.

This will encourage you to use your imagination, think about everyday things in a different way and broaden your vocab.

Plus you’ll have an archive of lovely descriptive phrases, should you ever need them!

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