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Jun 30, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


Anyone who regularly visits flea markets knows that discount sunglasses are a popular item for retailers. It seems like every flea market has at least one vendor carrying only designer brands and another selling every conceivable style and brand under the sun. All these vendors buy bulk sunglasses at wholesale only to turn around and sell them at retail. It is a great business model.

The thing about flea markets is that they attract a certain kind of customer that may not necessarily shop at a high-end boutique in New York or Los Angeles. That’s fine, by the way. The only point here is that flea market vendors need to conduct business in a certain way if they want to maximize sales.

With more than a decade of experience selling bulk designer sunglasses to retail vendors, we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the flea market environment. Below are a few tips that we believe will help you, whether you are new to the flea market game or you have been at it for years.

Create Eye-Catching Displays

Sunglasses Display

Flea markets are notorious for being just one notch above garage sales. Whether that reputation is deserved or not, do not let your space be lost in a sea of other spaces that have not been put together with good marketing in mind. Be different by creating eye-catching displays that will demand the attention of people walking by. If you can catch their eye long enough to get them to browse your selection of sunglasses, you have already completed the most difficult step in making a sale.

Be Willing to Bargain

That core group of avid flea market customers in your local area appreciates the ability to bargain back and forth with vendors. For them, it is almost like a sport. Don’t be offended or put off by it. Embrace it. Being willing to bargain on price will not only increase your sales but it will actually draw more customers to your space. Word will quickly get out among flea market aficionados that you are willing to haggle, and that will draw in new customers.

Be Attentive, Not Overbearing

Flea market vendors need to avoid the two biggest mistakes that turn off buyers: by ignoring them and being overbearing to the point of asserting sales pressure. In other words, you can sell plenty of designer sunglasses if you learn to be just attentive enough to meet your customers’ needs without applying pressure to buy. It’s a fine line to walk, but one that is well worth pursuing.

Keep Inventory Updated

When you work with Olympic Eyewear as your wholesale supplier, you have access to an incredibly large inventory. Don’t fall into the trap of buying bulk sunglasses wholesale and then ignoring what your inventory actually says to your customers. Bear in mind that they will be able to spot old products that have been on a display rack for far too long.

The idea here is to keep your inventory updated. Pay attention to what consumers want and procure your inventory accordingly. Get rid of what you cannot sell in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, your retail space will earn the reputation of being a glorified garage sale.

Olympic Eyewear sells bulk sunglasses at wholesale prices to retail vendors of all kinds. Many of our customers are flea market vendors who do very well. How about you? If you’re in the market for bulk designer sunglasses for your flea market space, feel free to browse our entire inventory. You are sure to find what you’re looking for.



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Tips for Selling Sunglasses at Flea Markets

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