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Private labeling has piqued interest on Amazon as the market has seen an overall rise in the sales of private label products. Through the past years, consumers have finally appreciated these products and have preferred them over branded ones due to their quality.

As a part of the sunglasses industry, we at GotShades, a trusted wholesale sunglasses distributor, has been offering a private label eyewear program. This private label sunglasses program allows entrepreneurs to entrust us by providing them the sunglasses they wish to sell to their consumers, with their brand and logo already implemented.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s planning to start your eyewear line, here are some basic things you need to know about private label sunglasses.

The product and the brand are owned by the retailer.

Private label goods or phantom brands are products that are not owned by the manufacturer or producer but the retailer or supplier who gets sunglasses by a contract manufacturer under its own label. That’s why it is called a private label.

It lets retailers create a personalized and unique brand.

Businesses who offer private label sunglasses allows retailers and entrepreneurs to set up their own style and design including their own personalized and unique brand. This help retailers to build their value and increase recognition from their customers.

Private labeling gives you more control over production.

As previously stated, manufacturers and producers of private label products allow retailers and brand owners to submit their own design and style before producing the sunglasses. Manufacturers give the freedom to these retailers so they can build their own brand and style.

Private label sunglasses are more profitable.

Private label sunglasses are actually cheaper to make compared to branded products. This is also the reason why the former is more profitable than the latter. To top it all up, consumers nowadays have shown a preference for buying private label products than branded ones.

Private labeling can adapt to customer’s changing preferences.

Since private labels give retailers a higher control over production as well as allows them to implement their own ideas, retailers can easily tell the manufacturers to change their design and style to suit the preference of their customers. This allows retailers to adapt to customers’ ever-changing preferences quickly.

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Things to Know About Private Label Sunglasses

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