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With the sun setting high and the temperature rising, we all need a pair of tinted-sunglasses to protect our eyes from the rays and better if it’s also fashionable. That’s why for today, we’re naming GotShades hottest tinted wholesale sunglasses that your customers will surely love this summer.

EyeDentification 8EYED12030 Trendy Two Tone Fashion Sunglasses

EyeDentification 8EYED12030

The EyeDentification 8EYED12030 is a trendy two-tone fashion sunglasses that possesses one of the newest styles. It features a unique construction of its ULtra thin frame, giving it a durable design. It has an original shape backed with its multiple colored coated mirror lenses and a combination frame material of plastic and metal that creates a fresh and street-like look.

Giselle 8GSL28032 Trendy Casual Fashion Sunglasses

Giselle 8GSL28032

The Giselle 8GSL28032 is a stylish and casual pair of sunglasses that boasts light lens and semi-rimless frame. Its design exudes vibes of strength, independence, and sophistication that any of your female customers will surely love.

VG 8VG21071 Haute Couture Contemporary Sunglasses

VG 8VG21071

The VG 8VG21071 Haute Couture Contemporary Sunglasses has a fine metal wire contemporary Soho frame. Its frame features a sophisticated gold color, while its lenses are available in gradient smoke, gradient brown, and different colored mirrors.

Giselle 8GSL28039 Summer Mirror Sunglasses

Giselle 8GSL28039

The Giselle 8GSL28039 Summer Color Mirror Sunglasses features a round metallic fashionista frame that makes it an haute couture pair. Its design is exquisite with its frame colors available in both silver and gold, while its lens shade is available in smoke, brown, and different color mirror lens.

VG 8VG21077 Trendy and Chic Sunglasses

VG 8VG21077

The VG 8VG21077 Trendy and Chic Sunglasses has a sophisticated design with its double metal bridge round illusion frame. Its ultra-chic round frames give its style more attitude, while its lenses boast beautiful assorted colors.

VG 8VG21056 Chic Contemporary Metal Cateye Sunglasses

VG 8VG21056

The VG 8VG21056 Chic Contemporary Metal Cateye Sunglasses has a sophisticated and fashionable design that will surely be loved by your customers. It has a metal modified cat eye framework that is available in silver and gold with black trim colors. Its lens color, on the other hand, comes in various colored mirrors as well as gradient smoke, and gradient brown.

Giselle 8GSL28031 In Vogue Sunglasses

Giselle 8GSL28031

The Giselle 8GSL28031 features a large round accent insert polished metal frame, which is available in both silver and gold. Its smooth finish and polish around the frame with thin temples make it the summer’s hottest item. Aside from that, these sunglasses come in various color lenses including gradient brown and gradient smoke to name a few.


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