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May 22, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


Some eyewear styles never die, which is why you still see the likes of Grace Kelly sunglasses or Jackie O sunglasses cropping up on runways and in fashion magazines. There exists a cult-like following surrounding vintage sunglasses that continues to fuel the allure of these classic Hollywood styles.

Wholesale Vintage Sunglasses Offer a Sure Investment

It’s the consistency in popularity decade over decade that makes stocking wholesale vintage sunglasses a sure investment. Styles like the cat eye or dark lens-and-frame have stood the test of time, and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Classic Cat Eye Sunglasses

vintage cat eyed sunglasses

When you think cat eyes, does the image of Audrey Hepburn sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s come to mind? She took a common style for optical lenses and transformed them in a fashion statement. This era was around the time that eyeglass companies first started experimenting with lens shapes, including the cat eye. And this classic Audrey Hepburn sunglasses look has existed ever since.

Perhaps the popularity was the novelty of the lens shape, or perhaps it had more to do with the fact that Hepburn was, and has always been, a fashion icon. Defined by the upward-slanting outer edge, cat eye sunglasses continue to stake their place among retailers and consumers with a modern flair that, if she were alive, Audrey Hepburn herself would still be rocking.

The Classic Oversized Sunglasses

vintage oversized sunglasses

Jackie O’s official title may have been First Lady, but it easily could have been Queen of Fashion. Responsible for some of the most timeless looks that celebrities and famous figures still channel today, none may be greater than her ever-popular oversized sunglasses style.

Sunglasses designers still craft unique collections based solely on the established styles that Jackie O cemented in fashion history. Fashion experts have predicted that the oversized sunglasses trend will continue to live on at least through a few more seasons, if not longer. And while the oversized look may be sported by many famous faces, it will always be known as the Jackie O sunglasses statement.

The Timeless Butterfly Sunglasses

vintage butterfly sunglasses

Find any picture of the late princess and fashion icon Grace Kelly, and she’s probably sporting a pair of her image-defining butterfly sunglasses. Princess Grace and her ever popular shades made headlines after her wedding photos revealed her wearing them as an all-occasion accessory. She sported them during the day, evening, indoors, in the rain, and reportedly to a ball.

But while current trendsetters may only don their shades when driving or enjoying the outdoors, the Grace Kelly sunglasses style can still be found on many faces. Bonus points that the butterfly sunglasses can also feature the oversized aspect, like that of Jackie O sunglasses.

The Immortal Square-Shaped Sunglasses

vintage square shaped sunglasses

French actress Francoise Hardy was known to rock a boxier sunglasses look, as was Marianne Faithful. While the square trend hasn’t maintained the immense popularity that classic looks like the cat eye or oversized frames have retained, they still provide a viable choice for those who adore the Hollywood vintage square sunglasses styles.

Can Vintage Sunglasses Trends Live Forever?

vintage sunglasses display

Like most things in the fashion and design world, some sunglasses trends will eventually fade (like shutter shades and super tiny lenses, thankfully). But Hollywood vintage styles might be the exception. They’ve survived at least up until now, and people can still rock Audrey Hepburn sunglasses or Jackie O sunglasses without appearing dated.

And with the resurgence of vintage everything, from vinyl records to Polaroid pictures, stocking up on wholesale vintage sunglasses will not only give fashion-forward buyers what they are looking for, but could make you look like you’re on top of what’s hot.

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The Allure of Vintage Hollywood Sunglasses

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