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Ever heard of the term private label sunglasses? These are sunglasses that are manufactured or provided by one company under another company’s brand.

Over the course of 20 years, the sales of these private label brands had grown at double the rate of national brands. And to top it all up, private label products mostly cost around 30 percent lower than national brands. They also grew from being called “second-class alternative” to quality products that are comparable with national brands.

Private label sunglasses is an excellent opportunity to start or expand your business, and here are the other benefits:

  • Companies that offer private labels give retailers a higher control over the product such as its pricing, size, production, and profits.
  • Private labels also allow retailers to implement their own ideas.
  • With private label, one can create their unique image, allowing them to promote a stronger customer recognition.
  • And since private label products are manufactured solely by a wholesale company, it doesn’t have to compete with the name brands.
  • Compared to national brands, private labels are often more profitable and are usually cheaper to make.
  • Private label brands can bring better sales opportunities for retailers, especially to small business.
  • Having your own customized store brand label can actually give your customers a personalized shopping experience that can lead to a higher customer loyalty.
  • Private labels can also help your business be versatile when adapting to customers’ changing preferences.

Fashion is a high-profit moneymaker and doing private label sunglasses can be a great benefit to your store. Just remember to look for trusted companies for your private label eyewear program. It has to offer a broad range of eyewear selections and have the latest trends and styles in the market.


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