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With back-to-school time right around the corner, lifestyle expert and style guru, Jenn Falik, is here to tell us all about the top eyewear and sunwear trends for kiddos to rock in the classroom and on the playground, as well as a few health tips to make finding the right pair of frames for your little one a cinch. Check out her post, below, and make sure to take a peek at her Instagram for more fashion and lifestyle tips, tricks and trends!

Ah- the start of a new school year! Fresh notebooks, newly sharpened pencils, and, the opportunity for kids to refresh their look! If your child sports specs and sunnies, there is no better way to update his or her personal style than with a pair of new frames.

The first step is making sure your child has an annual eye exam. Visit ThinkAboutYourEyes.com for more info on why this is so important, and then, get an appointment on your schedule STAT (if you haven’t already). The back-to-school rush is always a hectic time of year (trust me, I get it!), and an eye exam is one thing you do not want to let slip through the cracks of your calendar.

Oh- and an insider tip- take time to discuss the reasoning for your child wearing glasses and sunglasses with their eyecare provider.  There are a variety of lenses with specific purpose to choose from- so understanding all available options is key so you can make the right choices to optimize their eye health.

Next, the fun part- frames! It is so important to involve your child in the process – the more they are involved and feel comfortable in their frames, the more likely they are to wear them on a regular basis.  As a parent of a child with vision problems, I have experience in this department! My daughter Alexa and I make an afternoon of choosing her eyewear. We start with lunch, and then get to shopping.  I allot an hour so she can have fun trying on an endless array of frames- from the most stylish to the most silly. I encourage her to run around in each pair to make sure they feel good on her face when she is in motion (as she wears them for sports and recess), and, while usually I lose my patience if Alexa spends too long looking at herself in the mirror, on this outing, I make an exception. I know that she has to LOVE what she sees in the mirror, otherwise, those glasses miraculously “disappear” within days.

Lucky for her, and all the other style-savvy spec wearers out there, this season, frame companies are translating the most popular trends for adults into “mini me” versions for kids- there is no shortage of stylish options.

Pops of color are everywhere- you can go bold and bright, or opt for a subtle take on the trend by picking a pair with colorful ombre effects along the temples. Frame shapes offer something for everyone- for girls, I love the glamorous cat eye silhouette, and for boys, Clubmaster- inspired silhouettes offer an adorable juxtaposition of a traditionally mature style with a youthful twist. Oh- and retro-rounds are an adorable choice for anyone! One trend that works especially well for the smaller set are unexpected details- little touches of whimsy that take even the most classic styles up a notch. Stripes, animal prints, and candy-colored marble effects will make any girl smitten, and for the boys, of-the-moment fashion is infused into frames with metal, distressed denim and camo details. For more scoop on what is trending in glasses at every age, Eyecessorize.com is your go-to source!

For some kids, it is all about the style. For others, the frames have to feel just right on their face. As parents, we need to guide our children to think about style, comfort and lifestyle in order to identify the eyewear that will set them up for success- in the classroom and on the playground! Because, even if your child doesn’t require a prescription, all children should get in the habit of wearing sunglasses or other UV-protective eyewear every time they go outside- so be sure there is a pair is packed in their backpack for the first day and beyond.

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Start the School Year Off with SPEC-tacular Style – Eyecessorize

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