New Year’s Eve, the author with the Central Propaganda Department in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Linhai journalists to interview. Duqiao in the city, accompanied by the author of Linhai City, Xing-Wang, director of foreign propaganda office, pointing a magnificent building, said: “This is one of the national market, the four glasses glasses Duqiao town!”

   How can a sell Duqiao glasses all over the country

Duqiao glasses was “bad glasses,” a synonym for

Talking about Duqiao glasses, Wang Xing-said that the early 50s of the last century, people have to go street Kushido Duqiao selling glasses history of 80 years eyewear market formation. More than 3,000 glasses of existing businesses, an annual output of 160 million eyeglass frames, lenses 710 million, 40% of the country’s total output value of glasses, the production of myopia mirror, reading glasses, sunglasses, Bian Sejing nearly a thousand kinds of glasses, etc., 2006 annual turnover of 26.2 billion. Duqiao eyewear market size, variety, grade and management of wholesale markets have been among the nation’s highest in the four glasses.

We walk into the city in glasses glasses industrial company earnings chang stores, the whole counter are filled with green, gray, brown and other colored sunglasses, “Catera”, “wave special dream”, “Ying-chang,” sunglasses, price the most expensive were as high as nearly thousand dollars!

High price means high quality. Talking about the quality of Duqiao glasses, Wang Xing-face imposing a. Once upon a time, Duqiao glasses are the “bad glasses,” a synonym. In the history of the development of Duqiao glasses, have also experienced pain.

In 1993, the “China Quality Miles” private visits, the Duqiao glasses market, and China Central Television news program exposure. For a time, Duqiao infamous glasses. Business has plummeted, many manufacturers the verge of collapse.

Strong market demand for short-sighted to make a number of manufacturers, products, shoddy, inferior quality. SAIC pairs of sunglasses lenses Duqiao a quality sampling, 10 varieties of sunglasses, the logo and product quality are the only one qualified. Duqiao finished eyewear manufacturers 85% of manufacturers are selling for less than 5 yuan of low-grade goods.

Phoenix, rise from the ashes

Learn from their mistakes were set Duqiao resurrection. Township Government is committed to this as a lesson to advocate for quality assurance in science and technology enterprises. Billion yuan of investment in the town government to increase optical intensity of new product development and technical innovation, and the establishment of the town of glasses of quality management and leadership team to establish the first rural Zhejiang, technical oversight body – Duqiao technical supervision of the investment to add all kinds of testing facilities and advanced equipment imported from Japan in 2500 the introduction of refractive device, for quality control to provide an advanced testing methods.

Phoenix, rise from the ashes Duqiao enterprises in the impasse in the rise of glasses. Enterprises began to realize that quality is the product life, while the technology is the product quality assurance. “Ying-chang” investment more than 1000 million for technical innovation, design and production of independent innovation, the “wave special dream” brand series of sunglasses, become the country’s four best-selling brands of glasses, and exported to Europe and Southeast Asia more than 10 countries and regions. Company director Li Yue-sang, said: “glasses product development is to rely on innovation to do the mold frame, we have 3 months is necessary to change again.” Linhai City Master Glasses Equipment Co., Ltd. developed their own production equipment, lenses, cost less than Japanese 1 / 3, but inferior to the advanced level of Japanese.

    Refinement Optical Glasses Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first in the country refraction lenses, anti-ultraviolet thin films and television waves red lenses, and batch export to Korea. Duqiao Glasses Company has developed a subdural plus CR-39 optical resin lens, acrylic color lenses, polarized lenses and some other new products, more than 400 glasses Brand won the national registered trademark. The “wave special dream”, “Kathy Lu” and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.

The healthy development of science and technology innovation track

Duqiao in the glasses by the end of 2004 has established a regional science and technology innovation Linhai glasses service centers, in cooperation with universities and research institutions, independent innovation and introduction of technology combine to raise glasses produce technological innovation. In 2005, the Center and the China Institute of Metrology, Zhejiang Science and Technology Agency have jointly undertaken, “Computer-aided design system for eyewear,” science and technology. The application of this system will greatly enhance the efficiency and level of optical design. Has now introduced more than 10 models of innovative varieties.

The road is getting Duqiao were wide, eyes more open. In 2002, the Duqiao glasses set up enterprises in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai, China optical City, in 2004, the Duqiao glasses has reached more than 85% pass rate, the products have been sold to Russia, Thailand, the United States and the Middle East more than 50 countries and regions .

Last year in November, Duqiao glasses enterprise jointly sign the “self-discipline and responsibility Duqiao glasses accessories” in order to regulate the market, establish a law-abiding, ethical integrity, restraint glasses accessories industry, the vicious internecine competition. Product sales accounted for about 40% of domestic market share. Scientific and technological innovation to make Duqiao in the optical industry embarked on a healthy development track.

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