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Welcome to this week’s Red Hot Round-up. Each week, we put our feelers out for any sunglasses news stories, as well as anything else in the wider eyewear industry. We also shout about our new collections, competitions, giveaways, and anything else we think our readers might be interested in. On last week’s round-up, we looked at our latest coverage on some of the top fashion blogs and Instagram accounts, and we celebrated the range of new sunglasses and glasses in our Tom Ford collection. This week, we’re talking about new technology that combines sunglasses with solar power. We’re also talking about yachtsman Alex Thomson, Kurt Geiger, and about the new arrivals to our eyewear collections!

Sunglasses with Solar-Power Cells

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This week, Dr Alexander Colsmann, head of organic photovoltaic at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), discussed an exciting new technology they’ve been working on at KIT: sunglasses with lenses that double up as solar cells! KIT’s solar cell lenses are 1.6mm thick and fit into regular-sized rims. Once these special sunglasses are subjected to light conditions of 500 lux or higher (normal daytime brightness in an office or at home) the solar-powered sunglasses measure various metrics, such as solar illumination and ambient temperature. With just 500 lux, Dr Colsmann’s lenses each generate 200 μW of power, which is enough to power the sunglasses and could also be adapted to power devices we carry around with us, such as hearing aids or pedometers. This is a fascinating piece of technology and a welcome initiate to the vast range of high-tech eyewear that has emerged over the last five years. We’ve excited to see what they think of next!


Alex Thomson and His Hugo Boss Yacht

Earlier this week, Jake wrote a blog post about Alex Thomson, the British yachtsman – you can read Jake’s longer piece here. Alex Thomson came up on our radar because he sales a stunning Hugo Boss yacht – which is pretty much as fancy as anything can get! In 2016, Thomson and his Hugo Boss yacht set the new fastest reference time for the journey from the Sables d’Olonne to the Equator, but he wasn’t able to complete the entire race at maximum speed as he hit an unidentified object 13 days into the race. Despite this, Thomson still managed to finish with the second fastest time! The Hugo Boss yacht is a result of the brand’s emphasis on specific sports, such as sailing, golf, formula one, and football. The brand connects with these four sports because of the power and precision involved in each. We love all-things Hugo Boss here at Red Hot Sunglasses, and it’s heartening to see the brand sponsoring such incredible British talent. We urge anyone who appreciates the finer things in life to check out our Hugo Boss sunglasses collection, and here are a few of our favourite pieces:

Hugo Boss Essential Metal Square Sunglasses in Matte Black

Hugo Boss Keyhole Round Sunglasses in Havana Brown

Hugo Boss Retro Half Rim Sunglasses in Matte Ruthenium Polarised

Hugo Boss Classic Rectangle Sunglasses in Havana


NEW BRANDS Launching This Week!


After travelling all around the world attending various events, we sampled the best the eyewear industry had to offer and ordered new sunglasses and glasses from loads of top brands, including Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Guess, Fendi, and so much more. If you’re keen to get the latest eyewear fashions, then keep an eye on our designer sunglasses and designer glasses collections, and keep the other eye on our blog for more news!


There’s Still Time to Enter Our Marc Jacob’s Competition!

Two weeks ago, we announced a competition we’re running in collaboration with Marc Jacobs. The lucky winner will receive a black Marc Jacobs tote bag and a stunning pair of cateye sunglasses worth £200! It’s very easy to enter (just click on this link and answer the question) and you have until Friday the 18th of August, so just under two weeks! You have to be in it to win it! If this competition has piqued your interest in Marc Jacobs, check out the extensive Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection here at Red Hot Sunglasses – and you may just find the answer to the competition question whilst you’re shopping…


Brand in the Spotlight: Kurt Geiger

This week, we’re taking a closer look at Kurt Geiger. Eve wrote a great longer piece but I’d like to include a smaller spotlight here as well. Kurt Geiger was born in Vienna and started his working life working in his family’s drapery business. This job taught him the basics of working the textiles industry. He then studied medicine at Waser Gymnasium. He met his wife at university and the two were forced out of Austria by the wave of anti-Semitism caused Hitler’s Nazi party. The Geigers found themselves in Melbourne and without sufficient funds to finish his medical studies, Geiger managed to lease a small shop and he started his business selling shoes, which he called Mascot Shoes. This began Kurt’s love affair with footwear and the fashion industry.

In 1963, Kurt Geiger opened his first eponymous store on London’s Bond Street. The 60s were a revolutionary time for the fashion industry, and London was the epicentre. It’s impossible to imagine the 60s fashion scene without Kurt Geiger’s footwear and accessories. Today, the Kurt Geiger brand is run by Creative Director Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, whose approach to fashion design celebrates opulence and ‘any form of crystal embellishment, exaggerated bows’ and ‘an abundance of pearls and vintage-inspired sewn appliques’. We have a large Kurt Geiger sunglasses collection that you can peruse at your leisure, but here are a few of our top picks:

Kurt Geiger Metal Trim Glam Round Sunglasses in Black

Kurt Geiger Rebecca Metal Preppy Sunglasses in Shiny Gold Tortoise

Kurt Geiger Round With Circular Trim Sunglasses in Black on Nude

Kurt Geiger Jane Super Round Sunglasses in Clear Black Lace


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Come back next week for another Red Hot Round-up.

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