Myopia and high myopia are an ever growing concern in our society. Myopia is an unnatural state for the eye to be in, yet so many children today suffer from it, and hundreds of thousands of parents are left puzzled. They go to the optometrist or ophthalmologist and all they hear is that their kids are doomed for the rest of their lives… What a lie!

If you’ve read any article of mine, you would know that you should only continue reading if you can handle the truth. I think when it comes to your myopia children you are burning to hear the truth, so I won’t hold anything back, I swear.

The problem with the ophthalmic industry is that they are stuck in their way of thinking. It’s over 150 years old, and all they try to do is to come up with new ways of doing the same thing… wasting your money, and damaging your children’s eyes.

Tough statement? Bare with me!

Causes For Myopia In Children – The Optometrists View…

They see the reason for myopia in children and adults only being rooted in the shape of the cornea. They think it all comes down to a too steeply shaped lens, so they put a minus lens in front of the eye to off-set the steep curve. They never spend any time researching why the lens is shaped more steeply than usual, and why should they. It’s almost like the tobacco industry, the earlier your kids get hooked, the better!

Once your myopia children get their first pair of glasses they WILL need more glasses down the track. According to the Vision Watch Institute and their research study from December 2007, they will cost an average of $220.89 every 2 years for the rest of their lives. Hang on, that is over $6,500 for a 60 year lifespan, if the prices stay the same, AND if they stick to the average… ie many of your myopia children will cost way more!

So Why Is The Cornea Shaped Too Steeply In Myopia Children?

Now that we have investigated why they have no interest in telling you what’s causing your child the problem, let’s have a look at that. Truth is that the lens is shaped too steeply and that’s why myopia children can’t see clearly into the distance. But the question is why is it shaped too much?

Well, it could be one of many psychological reasons, like fear of the future, wanting to hide from the world, identity issues, fear of growing up, not wanting to see many things.

That might sound very honky at first, but let me elaborate. In modern holistic medicine it is widely accepted that our mind is the origin for most diseases. Our mind has so much power, it can literally blind us from what we don’t want to see.

You see, the shape of the lens is determined by the shape of the eyeball. The shape of the eyeball is determined by the tension of the eye muscles attached to it. If these muscles are too tense and tight the eyeball is flattened out and extended, which then increases the curve of the lens.

Why Do Myopia Children Strain The Eye Muscles?

Any of the above reasons can cause your child to strain the eye muscles because there is one common denominator to all of the above psychological reasons… all of them cause stress, and stress causes muscles to become tense, not just in the body, but also in the eyes. So if you child doesn’t want to see what’s going on, if there is just anything that bothers your myopic child that it doesn’t want to see, that tension in the muscles will be found in the eyes.

“But what to do?”, I hear you ask. Great question!

But What To Do With Myopia Children…

Start with talking to your child. Find out what it is that he or she doesn’t want to see. Is it the bullies in school that push him or her around, is it the other kids that laugh at your child, is it unhappy with the way it looks, do you as parents fight sometimes in front of your child and he or she wants to black that out, or does he or she simply want to hide from his/her peers?

Whatever it is, you need to find the reason and then start to do some natural vision correction with your child. Myopia children can all be cured, just use natural vision correction and incorporate it in games and make it fun for them. They’ll get rid of their glasses in no time, saving you from stuffing thousands of dollars down the throat of the ophthalmic industry (a $30 billion per year industry), and making you and your child much happier people!

Source of the text where it first appeared by Evgania Mehler
Myopia Children & How Can Parents Help?

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