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Jun 15, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


It’s funny how parents would rather spend $50 on a high-end birthday present, yet many kids find more entertainment out of simple cardboard boxes, old clothes and accessories, and homemade soap bubbles. Good thing too, since hosting a birthday party usually means shelling out some extra cash for party favors for kids who attend. Luckily, you don’t have to spend much money to make them happy.

The Best Summer Birthday Party Favors for Slim Budgets

sunglasses party favors kids eating gelato

Kids Bulk Sunglasses

Kids bulk sunglasses make the perfect summer birthday party favors, especially if you are having an outdoor party. Most kids love to play dress up, and adding a kid-sized pair of shades provides the perfect accessory. Sunglasses are not only fun summer party favors, but also practical ones to shield sensitive eyes from the glaring summer sun. In addition, buying kids bulk sunglasses can keep your total cost low, instead of forking out several dollars for individual pairs.

Water Guns

Hand each kid a water gun when they arrive to get the party started! The kids will entertain themselves and each other for the whole party, which means you can skip the clowns, bounce houses, magician, and other entertainment. It’s also a crafty way to help kids stay active and burn some energy while they’re soaking their friends. You can usually buy packs of small plastic water guns for just a few dollars.


A dollar store staple, leis create a summery, colorful vibe and make for festive summer party favors for kids. You can usually find them in a variety of colors to match your chosen them. Best of all, you can get a pack of several for a dollar or two.


No party is complete without the mandatory sugar rush. You can drop a few pieces of candy into goody bags, fill a pinata, or simply fill a bowl and let the kids grab what they wish. However, this summer birthday party favor may end up all over your lawn or house, so make sure you stage a trash can nearby to discourage littering.


Perhaps one of the most cost effective and fun party favors for kids, you’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t enjoy bubbles. Kids of all ages will enjoy trying to blow bubbles bigger than their friends can. Even better, you can pick up packages of party-sized bottles of bubbles that won’t blow your budget – usually just a couple bucks.

Noise Makers

Ideal if you are hosting an outdoor party, kids love anything that makes noise, especially when they know it annoys mom and dad. From miniature horns to megaphones to whistles to blowers and streamers, you can usually find a good assortment of noisy kids party favors for just a couple dollars per pack.


What better way to cool off from a summer birthday party than drinking an ice-cold beverage from your very own cup? If you’ve having a character-themed birthday party, you can usually find coordinating quality plastic cups for about a dollar or two each. Or, you might choose a plastic cup with builtin straw or sipper from the dollar store, or custom order a set to fit your party theme. Whatever cup you choose, remember that it can double as a goody bag filled with the other kids party favors.


sunglasses party favors cool group of kids

Remember, the party favors for kids you choose is an added bonus, not the main event. Don’t stress about spending too much on kids party favors. Instead, focus on choosing a few quality items that kids will actually want to use, rather than something they’ll forget about on the car ride home.

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Kids Bulk Sunglasses Make Great Summer Party Favors

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