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Sunglasses can have an enormous impact on your overall look. Like any other accessories, sunglasses can either make or break your style. That’s why many consider the importance of choosing the right sunglasses. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today; we’re listing down the things you need to consider when buying a new pair and how it can define your style.

The size matters…

Sunglasses come in different frame styles and sizes, as well as thickness. Each feature can completely change your style. That is the reason why you should consider whether you want an entirely new look. If you’re aiming for a subtle look, stylists often recommend sunglasses with thin frames or rimless models. These sunglasses will frame your face nicely and can blend easily with your overall style.

It must compliment your face shape…

If you’re going to buy a new pair, it is a must that it compliments your face shape. You see, not all frames go well with all face shapes. That’s why you need to know the shape of your face and learn which sunglasses frames perfectly suits it. For example, people with a heart-shaped face look gorgeous with cat-eye, sports, and retro square sunglasses. On the other hand, people with oval-shaped face look perfect with aviators and oversized sunglasses.

Think about its details…

Little details can affect the look of your sunglasses. Although traditional and simple frames is a good and safe choice, there are others who would rather choose a pair of sunglasses with either a sporty style or mirror-tint lenses. The only thing you should consider is how you would match it with your outfit without overdoing the look.

Look for iconic styles…

Last but not the least, remember that you can always look for inspiration. Try imitating celebrities fashion styles and add your own touch to it to create your own style. For example, supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner seem to love wearing mirrored lens sunglasses. While Selena Gomez and Vanessa Anne Hudgens are always seen wearing round sunglasses.

Remember, sunglasses are no longer just an accessory. They are now a fashion statement. Looking for more sunglasses styles? GotShades is a trusted wholesale sunglasses distributor that offers a broad range of sunglasses from different brands. You can check out our online store at www.gotshades.com.

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How Sunglasses Define Your Style

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