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In our article last week, we’ve discussed “private label eyewear program” and how you can use it if you’re planning to start your own eyewear line or sunglasses brand.

Private label is referred to products that a company sells which aren’t manufactured by them but by another company. There are lots of private label offerings in the market, ranging from personal care, cosmetics, household cleaners to condiments, beverages, chips, dairy items, and frozen food.

However, when it comes to sunglasses, private label is a program offered mostly by wholesale sunglasses distributor or manufacturer to other companies who would want to have their own sunglasses collection. These private label sunglasses are then lined with that company’s name and logo, which they eventually sell as their own.

But how does private label actually works when it comes to sunglasses?

Private Label Wholesale Sunglasses

Photo Source: Pexels.com

First, you have to find the style of sunglasses you want to sell. You don’t have to be an expert in doing this. You can look at recent fashion e-magazines to know the latest sunglasses trends in the market. After you have decided which style to choose, you can now find your supplier. When it comes to this, you must choose a trusted wholesale sunglasses distributor or supplier known in the sunglasses industry, and has been doing private labeling for years.

Once you have chosen your supplier, the next thing you have to do is ask for a sample of their product. You should be specific in listing your preferences, you can even send your own design if you want to. Once you’ve received their samples and it met your criteria, then that’s the time you can finally get to business.

You can now send them the styles and designs you want from them, and once everything is settled, then they will start manufacturing it. While their own the process of producing your products or shipping, then you can use that time to think about your branding.

Things will then eventually go from there. Once you have the products in your hand, you can now choose if you want to sell them online, create your own e-commerce store, or starting your own retail shop.

For more questions about private label eyewear program, you can always ask us at GotShades.com. We have been offering private label eyewear program for decades, and know it’s in and outs.

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How Private Label Sunglasses Works

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