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‘Daytime’ Presents Back-to-School Style for Fashionable Kiddos

We’re gearing up for back-to-school time over here by checking out all the trendy eyewear and sunwear styles for boys and girls alike. Lucky for us, style expert and mom, Stefany Rants appeared on “Daytime” to share not only some style musts for the school year, but also eye health tips for little ones. Class is in session for moms and dads, so take note – scheduling an annual eye exam for kiddos is a must-do before sending them off on the bus. While you’re there, make sure to let them pick out a new pair of frames to start off the school year in style! Speaking of style, there’s an array of fun designs to choose from. Classic and out-of-the-box profiles are adorned in vibrant colors – not to mention sweet patterns. Kiddies won’t be able to wait to show-off their flash and tinted lenses on the playground, while trendy translucent elements and quintessential details are eye-catching additions. Take a peek at some of the top frames, below.

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‘Daytime’ Presents Back-to-School Style for Fashionable Kiddos – Eyecessorize

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