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If you are one to enjoy the outdoors, and prefer the kind of sunglasses that are made for functionality, Animal is the right brand for you.

The frames are rigid, but at the same time elegant, which make for the perfect combination between form and functionality.

Here are 5 of the best from Animal 2017.

1. RIP

The Animal RIP sunglasses are a great pair of sunglasses for those who enjoy outdoor sports.

These would make for a solid choice when it comes to hiking or even outdoor running.

Curved arms and sturdy frames will help resist the movement you would get with such activity.

With relatively larger lenses (width wise), these sunglasses will also give you a bit more sun protection, which can make a big difference especially when the sunlight is adjacent to your face.

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Versus Zayn X lace-up mini skirt, Aeropostale Prince & Fox Hibiscus Button Back Tank, Lord & Taylor Gold Arrow End Cuff Bangle, Steve Madden Kasen Sandals, Lord & Taylor 14K Yellow-Gold Flower Pendant Necklace

These Animal ENDO sunglasses are great because they are neutral, but at the same time classy.

Whereas you may put a pair of these on for daily-use, they certainly can be used as a part of an outfit.

For example, you could don a leather skirt and a tank top and these sunglasses would fit right in.

The best thing about this pair is that the black frames make them to add to any outfit.

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3. POP

Dusty Pink Panel Taped Sports Leggings by Hype, The Upside geometric print sports bra, Asics Respector trainers

If you are looking for something sturdy and functional, but a little more fun, look no further than this pair of Animal POP sunglasses.

These definitely are not the most neutral of Animal’s sunglasses, but they thrive in their simplicity.

Sometimes, a good simple pair of sunglasses pulls more weight than a pair that is heavily embellished.

If you’re in the mood for more pink, you can even coordinate your gym outfit with these sunglasses.

Of course – don’t overdo the pink.

These sunglasses could act as an accent, and therefore the rest of your look can be made of other colours.

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If you are looking for a wayfarer style pair of sunglasses, these Animal SLIDER sunglasses might just do the trick for you.

The are classy and functional, which makes for the perfect combination.

But just because they are functional does not make them boring.

The baby pink undertone gives a sneak-peek of excitement and femininity.

These sunglasses are great for outdoor events, but are classy enough to be worn in a more formal situation as well.

Because of the pink/yellow lens tint, do consider the colour scheme of your outfits in a formal context, so that you can avoid clashing colours.

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5. FLY

For a pair of sunglasses with thicker frames, try on these Animal FLY sunglasses for a change.

With a thicker pair of arms, this pair of sunglasses shouts sturdiness.

It would be a great pair to take on a safari as well – they are strong and offer sufficient eye cover too.

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If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that can work with outdoors activities, but still be suitable to wear on a daily basis, look no further than Animal.

Whichever pair you end up choosing, use your creative license and customize your look in a way that works for you.

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