50th Birthday Party – Around the World Beer Party Theme

A creative theme for a 50th birthday party is “Around the World Beer Party”. Especially if the birthday guest of honor enjoys drinking beer this can be a very fun and memorable theme for a 50th birthday. Here is a step by step plan for an Around the World Beer Party.


Each invitation to the party can be unique when you consider the options from varying regions around the world. Before you send out invitations, decide what regions you want to highlight at your Around the World Beer party. Use images of beer labels printed on card stock and on the other side include information about the party. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring their own samples. Your friends may introduce you to a brand new experience. It is a great way to get everyone involved!

Another creative way to entice your guests with the Around the World Beer theme is to include a few bottle caps in with an invitation printed with a world map. For those who are beer fanatics, the scent remaining on the cap may be alluring.

Get hands on with your printer and a pair of scissors. Print out images of a full beer stein, with the party information on the mug, on a piece of card stock. Cut out the stein and mail to your guests.

Say something in the invitation like: “See what’s on Tap for an Evening of Beers from Around the World”


Checkout your local party store for Around the World decorations like international flags and maps. Post flags at the walkway or entrance to the party for a grand international feel.

Scour thrift stores and restaurant supply stores for beer steins and pilsner glasses to serve beer in. Fill some of these glasses with lights or brightly colored tissue paper for a festive effect.

Check the internet for public domain images of beer signs from the representative regions. Take the images to a printer and have them blown up to poster size. The images can be anything from beer labels, bar signs or neon signs.


Besides the traditional party games played while drinking beer, there are many options incorporating the Around the World theme. Invite party guests to bring their favorite international beer. Let every guest do a sampling of each beer brought to the party. Provide scorecards with categories for AROMA, COLOR, TASTE, and AFTERTASTE. The guest who brought the winning beer wins a prize (a special stein for the party) and the guest who brought the losing beer gets to help clean up after the party!

Reuse some of the trash from the party and collect ten empty beer bottles, clean them out and play beer bowling. What goes better with beer than bowling!

If room allows, lay a board on a soft surface like a mat or carpet. Organize your guests into teams and challenge them to build the biggest beer bottle pyramid. Earn extra points for incorporating the most regions from around the world.


Every party with beer as the centerpiece needs to have snacks! Fill beer mugs with pretzels, spicy peanuts, potato chips, and popcorn.

As the main course, go with a wide variety of appetizers representing the various regions from around the world. Here are some ideas:

  • Japan-sushi rolls or egg rolls
  • Ireland-mini corned beef sandwiches
  • Mexico-nachos, mini tacos, or tamales
  • Belgium-dip some pretzel logs in delicious Belgium chocolate
  • Jamaica-jerk chicken skewers or fried plantain
  • Germany-mini sausages
  • U.S.A.-mini cheeseburgers
  • England-mini fried fish and chips (French fries)


Ask your local bakery to create a cake with world map on it. Strategically place candles in the areas on the map that you are representing.

If you have the time and the proper tools, it’s easy to get creative with a simple box cake. Bake a sheet cake and carve out a beer bottle shape. Mix food coloring with white icing to create a brownish color for the bottle. Green can also be used for the bottle. Use white icing to simulate a label. Find writing icing at your local grocery store and write all of the names of the countries from around the world that are represented at the party.

Cupcakes have become a popular cake option at parties. Bake plenty of cupcakes to accommodate the guests at the party. Use food coloring, white icing and writing icing to decorate the tops of the cupcakes like the different bottle caps of the beer. This may take some extra time, but it will definitely impress your guests!

Source of the text where it first appeared by Mark S Myers
50th Birthday Party – Around the World Beer Party Theme

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