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Jul 14, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


As a small business owner, you undoubtedly know the importance of getting to know your customers. An in-depth knowledge of consumer needs and desires is a normal part of any successful enterprise, whether it involves buying bulk sunglasses for retail sale or providing some kind of service to residential customers.

In light of that, how much do you really know about your customers? You know you can buy sunglasses in bulk for cheap; you know you can turn around and sell those sunglasses at a decent profit. But do you know what is going on in the minds of your customers? If you do, the five things listed below will not be news to you. If not, these five things could revolutionize your business.

Here are five things customers want their eyewear retailers to know:

1. I Do Have a Budget

High profit margins in the retail setting are all about impulse sales. That’s why sales professionals are taught techniques to encourage people to buy on impulse. That may be good for short-term sales, but it’s not good for long-term relationships. Customers want their eyewear retailers to know that they do have a budget. They do not appreciate being pressured into exceeding that budget. After all, they are only buying sunglasses. They are not investing in a new home or purchasing life insurance.

2. I Am Fashion Conscious

There are consumers who buy sunglasses without any regard for what they look like. But such consumers are rare. The vast majority of people purchasing designer sunglasses are at least somewhat fashion conscious. They want a selection that includes the latest styles and trends. They also want to know that the pair they eventually choose looks good on them. That’s why retailers have mirrors built into their displays.

3. I Care About Quality

It is a given that most people will buy several pairs of sunglasses over the course of their lives. Some people seem to have a knack for losing or breaking their sunglasses every few years, facilitating a purchase. Yet regardless of how often consumers purchase, they are concerned about the quality of the sunglasses they buy. They understand that whatever they purchase will likely need to be replaced at some point, but they would like their new sunglasses to last at least a couple of years. They are not interested in cheap products destined to break in a few months.

4. I Care About Price

Above and beyond the budget question is the bottom line price of a pair of sunglasses. A cardinal rule of thumb is that price and quality must match. It’s never a good idea to have overpriced sunglasses on a display because those are the ones that will command the attention of customers only to turn them away. Retailers can buy sunglasses in bulk inexpensively from Olympic Eyewear; they should be just as price conscientious in offering their products to consumers.

5. I Can Be a Loyal Customer

Despite the fickle nature of retail customers, they can be loyal customers if a good relationship is fostered. How does a retailer do that? By offering high-quality products, fair prices, and personalized customer service. The old adage is true: take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

Olympic Eyewear is proud to provide retailers with bulk sunglasses for men, women, and children. We carry a complete inventory featuring all the latest brands and styles. If you are looking to buy sunglasses in bulk, we have what you need at very reasonable prices. We know you expect nothing less from your suppliers.


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5 Things Customers Want Eyewear Retailers to Know

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