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Are you searching a place to relax this summer? But, stop and think for a minute, without a little bit of adventure and risk your holidays cannot be considered complete.

If you are a free soul and adrenaline happens to be your best friend, then you’re in luck: we’ve found some of the most thrilling sports to try this summer.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the top excitement filled sports during the coming holidays.


Kitesurfing is one of the most loved “new” sports of the past few years.

Dating back to late ’90s, it’s currently very famous among sports lovers around the world.

Compared to windsurfing, kitesurfing requires much more discipline and is definitely more difficult and tiring.

One feature that has facilitated the expansion of kitesurfing, aside from the practicality of equipment, is the ease and speed you can learn to ride and jump.

While windsurfing requires a lot of technical skills, kitesurfing permits a crowd of less athletic individuals to go for a ride.

So, if you want to try something new, but aren’t a sports expert, kitesurfing is the perfect choice.


If you love to go biking and cannot help but want to go for a ride during your holidays, then this sport full of obstacles and winding roads is the best option.

A strong will and drive for satisfaction are the key ingredients for this beautiful sport.

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For all thrill seekers out there, the most exciting sport you can find is base jumping.

This extreme sport consists of gliding in the air and on various surfaces such as buildings, bridges, or bodies of water.

The method of landing by a parachute is getting more and more recognition.

B.A.S.E stands for: Building, Antennas (abandoned towers or the like); Span (bridge); and Earth (cliffs or other types of natural formations).

But be careful, this is only for the bravest.


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One of my all time favorites: driving in the dunes of  the desert with an “all terrain vehicle” ATV.

Special, agile, and compact means of transport, built to run on particularly difficult or rough terrains.

Also suitable for short stretches.

The smell of freedom and adventure will set your soul free, for a holiday full of fun guaranteed.


Another famous sport to try: wake boarding.

Driven by a suitable speedboat with the help of the waves created by the boat, one must jumps and stunt.

A board similar to the one used for snowboarding is required.

In fact, this sport is the result of merging water skiing and snowboarding.

Let us know in the comment section below which of the shown sports you would like to try during this holidays

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