There’s no way around it – kids love the idea of Santa and the magic he brings to Christmas time for them. While most kids will see Santa in the shopping mall or on the TV, they’d never think about being able to see (or catch) Santa in their own home, even if they ask him as nicely as possible in their Santa letters. So imagine their surprise if they found Santa in their living room! Of course, Santa has a good few images, but they all tend to portray the same basic things – quite on the pudgy side, big thick white beard, red suit, sometimes even glasses. So in order to make yourself look like a convincing Santa, you’ll need the following things.

Santa suit – You can buy a lot of these pre-packed, with all the other various accessories and the likes. But if you’re going for the real authentic look, these might not be the best idea. You could even go for a Santa suit with a fat suit added in so that you get that real “jolly” look about yourself. Of course, Santa isn’t perceived as fat in every single picture, but the majority, as well as in tales, songs and rhymes, so invest in a good red and white suit, maybe even a fat suit as well.

The beard – Now, one of Santa’s characteristics that isn’t negotiable is his big thick white beard. Children automatically associate this with Santa, so you can’t not have it if you’re pretending to be Santa. You can buy these from almost any costume shop or even your local supermarket, but try to make it look as authentic as possible, i.e; you don’t want big elastic bits to be showing where it’s strapped on to your face. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a “Santa beard” naturally, then congratulations! This step doesn’t apply to you!

The laugh – You can’t buy this anyway, this is something you have to practise and perfect, like any other acting part. This is another thing that children associate with Santa and it’s most definitely not optional. You have to get your “Ho Ho Ho!”‘s right!

To be a convincing, realistic Santa takes a fair amount of time and effort, and it might seem like a lot of work for such a small role, but can you imagine the look on your kids faces when they see Santa in their own home? You could make it even more exciting and hand them letters from Santa, pretend you’re Santa delivering replies personally to children. Get creative! Children love creativity and imagination and will thoroughly enjoy anything else that you can throw in to being Santa.

Source of the text where it first appeared by aaron416
3 ways to make yourself into Santa

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