What is the perfect time to get a new pair of exceptionally cool pair of sunglasses? The year 2017 has brought the most amazing flat lens technology that is going to make you look super stylish and gorgeous.

Below is a look at this upcoming trend in sunglasses that has completely taken over the market. If you are looking to sell flat lens sunglasses at your store, that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, reach us out at Sunrayzz Imports and we will provide you the most innovative flat lens sunglasses.



Flat lens technology in eye wear has taken the world by storm. It is definitely one of the latest trends in 2017 and gaining popularity across the globe. One reason for its rapid popularity is its amazingly stylish and sleek look that adds modernity and style to anyone who wears it. Another unique feature of flat lens sunglasses is that each frame provides the wearer ample spacing between their face and actual frame. All flat lenses are exclusively designed to provide wearer absolutely no curvature, provides a smooth floating view, making it more aesthetic.

Flat lens technology is gaining popularity among women as well on a regular basis. Because of their unique style, colors and chic outlook, flat lens sunglasses have a huge demand among females as well. Sunrayzz Imports showcases a wide variety of flat lens sunglasses that suit the style of every woman.


Flat lens sunglasses available at Sunrayzz Imports defines and complements the individuality of the wearer. We cater to both men and women, whether you are looking for chic flat lens sunglasses and in different sizes, place your order at Sunrayzz Imports.

Flat lens sunglasses are one of the best sunglasses for both men and women in 2017, providing a bolder and more sexier look. The most remarkable feature of flat lens technology is that it has a mirror coating on it, which makes these sunglasses super cool and chic. Flat lens sunglasses that are mirror coated, reflect the light away from eyes of the wearer. They come in a variety of colors, making flat lens sunglasses a great alternative to polarized lenses. At Sunrayzz Imports you can find a wide variety of flat lens sunglasses in pink, green, blue, grey, whichever color you are interested in.

Majority of the men and women today are seen sporting stylish and chic flat lens sunglasses. For people who need sunglasses for their daily uses, flat lens sunglasses is a better option as compared to polarized lenses. According to a news report, flat lens technology has brought forward a revolution in optics. It’s flat shape provides distortion free imaging.


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