The fall designs for 2016 introduced a lot of designs by big name brands such as Tory Burch and Marni that showed a variety of shapes, different colors, and even Neo style geometric glasses.

You see more and more people of all ages from teens to mid forties and even fifties taking part in this evolution of futuristic eye wear.

The designs are not for everyone, but that’s the beauty about the wholesale fashion sunglasses industry. There’s a market for every retailer in the eye wear business.

As a retailer, it’s imperative to understand who your customers are. If you are in a trendy area and there’s lots of fashionistas that frequent your store location, then you definitely need to stock up on fun and futuristic sunglasses styles for 2017!

If you’re looking for a designer sunglasses wholesale supplier, choose one that carries an up to date selection of fashion sunglasses year-round, that will help you stay relevant in your market. The last thing you need in a fashion market is to carry old styles that people aren’t wearing anymore. It’s one thing to carry classic styles that always sell, but to carry shapes and colors that are not relevant in today’s market is a waste of space on your merchandising unit and also investment money.

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