Are you planning to present your loved ones with the perfect holiday gift this season? Have you been looking for designer wholesale sunglasses that are modern, chic and sophisticated and suit any and every occasion?

If you are looking for a professional, affordable, convenient and fashion wholesale sunglasses store online, that lays strong emphasis on outstanding customer service and tremendous selection of eye-wear, Sunrayzz Imports is the place for you. You can compare our product with other sunglasses wholesalers, and you will find that we cater to a diverse market, interested in a variety of eye-wear at competitive prices, with even better discounts





Sunrayzz Imports brings you the best wholesale sunglasses, from non logo sunglasses to popular discount trademark brands such as Air Force, X-Loop, Locs, Choppers, and Road Warrior to name a few. We feature fashion wholesale sunglasses that make ideal gift for not only holidays, but birthdays and anniversaries as well.

In this blog we will provide you with helpful tips to choose the right pair of premium quality wholesale sunglasses and the right wholesaler to buy your sunglasses from.


Facial Shape

Whenever you decide to buy the perfect pair of fashion wholesale sunglasses for your loved one, take a look at their facial shape before selecting a pair of sunglasses. If he or she has an oblong face shape, do not go for rounded or aviator style sunglasses, instead go for wrap or chunky rectangle, X-Loop sunglasses that can cover their eyes perfectly. Wider frames looks great on oblong faces and add balance and proportion to them.

If they have a square face shape with a strong and particularly wide jaw line, go for wholesale sunglasses that have rounded bottoms, they will add a soft contrast with the face line. If the facial shape is round, go for wholesale fashion sunglasses that are square or rectangle in shape. People who have narrow jaw lines and wider foreheads need shades that are wide at the bottom and balance facial features in their entirety. Oval facial shapes fit well with all types and shapes of wholesale designer sunglasses.





Wholesale sunglasses are usually measured and categorised according to the width of the lens, width of the frames and width of the bridge. It is best to know the measurement of the face of your loved one, so that it’s easier to get designer wholesale sunglasses that fits them. In case, you do not have the measurements with you, you can order a dozen and use as a stocking stuffer for friends and family. At Sunrayzz Imports, you can find mixed dozens of wholesale sunglasses where you can get a variety of wholesale fashion sunglasses.




Fashion Sense & Lifestyle

Sunrayzz Imports features a wide variety of sunglasses that are suitable for every lifestyle. Whether you are looking for fashion wholesale sunglasses or designer wholesale sunglasses for your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can find the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit their style and fashion sense, whether they are athletes, white collar worker, teenagers, etc.


We feature fashion wholesale sunglasses that make ideal gifts not only for holidays, but also for family reunions, weddings, birthday events, anniversaries, or for any large gatherings where the host or hostess wants to have a certain look or theme for the event.

At Sunrayzz Imports, you receive discount wholesale sunglasses every time you make a purchase online. Get your loved one discount branded sunglasses that they will instantly fall in love with.

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