In the heat of the summer, sunglasses serve practical purposes, but in addition to blocking your eyes from harmful UV rays, these shades can also enhance your overall look. Since the “selfie” – a picture of yourself taken with your smartphone or camera – has become the latest fad, we are noticing that more and more adults and teens have chosen to keep their sunglasses on during their snapshot.

Recently, New York Mag attempted to explain this trend in an article titled, “Why Does Everyone Look Hotter in Sunglasses?” Find out the reasoning below, which contains research from Vanessa Brown, a senior lecturer of art and design at Nottingham Trent University in the U.K.

Add mystery: Mysteriousness can actually be an attractive quality in the opposite sex, and sunglasses help to retain this sense of mystery. According to a recent study from the University of Virginia, women who were unsure of a man’s feelings to them actually reported becoming more attracted to them – in what researchers coin the “He loves me, he loves me not” phenomenon.
Create symmetry: “The dark lenses cover up any asymmetrical oddities around your eyes, and research on facial attractiveness shows a clear link between symmetry and our perception of beauty,” writes the source. “As an added bonus, Brown pointed out, sunglasses provide a kind of scaffolding effect, imposing the appearance of an external, extra-chiseled bone structure on top of your relatively softer-featured face.”
Enhance glamour: Sunglasses are synonymous with Hollywood glamour. Just think of those iconic images of Audrey Hepburn with her dark and dramatic shades. Hollywood stars started wearing sunglasses to prevent themselves from being recognized by the public and blocking out the flashes of the paparazzi. In the 1950s and and 1960s we then began associating sunglasses with wealth, fame and beauty – a notion that still holds true today.
Hide imperfections: Your eyes can certainly reveal your age, which is why many older women opt to cover up their imperfections with sunglasses. From crow’s feet to dark circles, putting on a pair of shades is an easy and pain-free solution to cosmetic problems. Even younger people are using sunglasses to hide flaws, such as masking a hangover.

Whatever the reasoning behind choosing to wear sunglasses, these stylish accessories are surely making a mark on today’s culture. Even if you’re not a rich and famous celebrity, you can still show off your stylish side. At Sunrayzz Imports we have an array of discount designer glasses that will definitely impress shoppers from all over.  Browse our website to look at our complete collection!

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