When a new James Bond film is released, two things happen. First, people rush to the theaters to watch their favorite super spy. And second, they rush to the stores to buy the products they’ve just seen.

It is impossible to deny the cultural impact James Bond has had. From the cars he drives, to the martinis he drinks, to the suits he wears; the elegant secret agent continues to set the trend for what is smart, desirable and elegant. Spectre, the twenty fourth and latest Bond film, has added another product to the mix — sunglasses!

In the latest Bond movie, Daniel Craig sports a pair of glasses that are a slight deviation from the timeless wayfarer style, with a black shiny finish and a sleek frame. The design works great with a suit, as Bond demonstrates so elegantly, but it also works well with casual wear. These versatile sunglasses will work with almost any dress style you can think of.

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