Polarized Sunglasses has been in the eyewear industry for many years.  Many outdoor sportsmen such as boaters, water skiers, and golfers have enjoyed the benefits of using Polarized Sunglasses.  Now that more people are getting educated about the benefits of owning these types of sunglasses,  popularity for Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses have soared!

Volleyball players,  joggers,  bikers,  hikers,  and all other outdoor enthusiasts can eliminate the glare from their vision when doing these activities.  However,  there are instances where certain sporting activities are not recommended to use Polarized lenses.  One would be skiing.  The main reason for this is because in potentially danger areas on the slopes,  the light being reflected from icy patches basically lets the skier know that they need to be aware of this area,  and with polarized lenses,  this would be blocked.

With that said,  Polarized Sunglasses are still the best option for most outdoor activities.  And now,  Sunrayzz Imports offers this specialty lens and a host of other sunglasses that you can order in Bulk.

Whether you’re buying them for yourself,  or for resale,  Sunrayzz Imports carries Polarized Sunglasses starting at a crazy $3 per piece sold by the dozen!  So it doesn’t matter if you lose 1, 2, 3, or 5 pair,  you’ll always have an extra one laying around.  Keep a pair in your car,  one in your bag,  another at home,  there’s plenty of options.

Polarized Sunglasses sell for a mininum of $20 each at your nearest Super Market or Department Store.  So why not take advantage of ordering some and selling them at your local Flea Market,  Gift Shop (if you’re an owner),  or even online and profit!  The options are all up to you.



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