We’re right in the middle of July,  and in Canada,  this means the sunniest months of the year are upon us!

Why not also make this a time to earn some quick $$? By selling sunglasses at festivals,  concerts,  and local events across Canada,  you can definitely make thousands of dollars!

How do you go about doing this?  Well,  first you need to search for events that are in your area that attract crowds of people.  In Vancouver and the lower mainland,  for example,  there’s multiple outdoor events on a yearly basis.   Some examples are the International Jazz Festival,  Vancouver Sun Run,  Cloverdale Rodeo,  Dragon Boat Festival,  Vancouver Pride Parade,  and Celebration of Light just to name a few.  These events attract throngs of people and they all need to protect their eyes from the damaging UV rays while also looking cool in the sun!  Sure,  people will bring their own sunglasses,  but a lot will forget and won’t mind spending $10-$15 for a pair of sunglasses.

Once you’ve searched online for these events that you want to sell your shades at,  contact the organizer of the events and ask to speak to the booth leasing managers.  These people are generally tough to get a hold of at first,  so you should start early so you can keep calling them to ensure a call back.  When I say early,  I mean 3-6 months before the actual events.  This is due to the popularity of a lot of these events,  and there may be a waiting list to get in as an exhibitor.   Not all events you need to call that early,  but the big ones for sure!  The cost for these events depends on the size and the time.  Some might be $100 per day on up,  while others ask for a percentage of your sales.  It all depends.  To find these events,  simply google summer outdoor events in your area and lots of sites will pop up for your search.

Now that you’ve found the locations,  you need to find a good wholesale sunglasses supplier.  www.sunrayzzimports.com has been in the sunglasses business since 2002 and in the wholesale side since 2004.  They have a wide variety of the hottest selling styles,  from trendy to classics.  You can order product from them and have it delivered to whichever location you’re exhibiting at.  Everything is sold by the dozen and its a simple set up to start profiting from selling shades.  Pricing starts from $1.50 per piece,  up to $3.50 per piece for the polarized styles and cover overs.  Depending on your market,  you can sell the product from $10 per piece,  to 1 for $13 or 2 for $20.  You can profit up to 700 percent on certain styles!  Of course this is pending how much you sell the sunglasses for.  But simple math will tell you that if you buy something for $1.50 and sell it for $3,  you’re already making 100% gross profit.  But you’d be crazy to sell them for that cheap!

Now that you’ve found the locations,  know your cost for rent,  and have a reliable supplier with good quality discount sunglasses,  you need to figure out how you’re going to merchandise your product.  Take a look at the displays below that works the best for these types of events.  This is a simple display that consists of a 6′ long folding table from Costco (approx. $50),  sunglasses trays that hold 16 pieces inside,  and boxes that the sunglasses come in when you order them.  All of these you can get from Sunrayzz Imports.  It’s a clean display that looks professional AND is easy to set up and break down!  Who wants to spend all day setting up a display,  working the booth all day,  and then spending hours breaking it down!!??  The trays simply open and close like a brief case,  and the sunglasses inside the boxes are taken out to display 4 on top of each box to show the variety of colors per style.   Once you have a rush of people that buy and leave,  you simply replace the sold ones from inside the box because they come in 12’s.

So there you have it!  Now you know how to profit in the summer by selling sunglasses!  Good luck.

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