Although they say that the eyes are the windows to our souls, it’s important to cover up your peepers and protect them from UV rays, especially in the heat of the summer. In addition to serving a very important purpose, sunglasses are also a fun and trendy accessory. Everyone from Kanye West to Elton John are known for their statement shades. Take a look at some fun and stylish sunglass trends that are expected to make a big splash this summer:

Blue: Colorful frames are here to stay. Think cool-tones like blue and aqua, which match the color of the ocean during a carefree day at the beach. Vera Wang is just one of the well-known designers to utilize the trend. If you flip through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine, you’ll likely see models and A-list stars showing off their blue frames.
Geometric: “This trend is most concerned with angular cuts and neutral colors,” writes Rachel Hennessey of Forbes. “Marni’s triangular lenses and Chloe’s hexagonal ones emphasize geometric shapes. Prada, Optic Nerve and Emporio Armani place high emphasis on the brow bar. Designs by Balmain have an industrial appeal, with simplistic contours.”
Instagram-inspired shades: Now you can literally see the world through rose colored-glasses. Many designers have taken a cue from the popular social media site, which allows viewers to choose various filters for their images. This style of sunglasses, which includes colorful tinted shades, has a retro 1970’s vibe.

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