The importance for retailers to merchandise their product on quality displays is essential in maximizing their sales potential.

Sunrayzz Imports is proud to announce that they are now carrying sunglasses and reading glasses displays that are not only made with quality materials,  but also has the aesthetic appeal to make your product look inviting to your prospective customers.

You don’t want old looking displays that are barely standing up straight to hold your sunglasses.  Customers will perceive your product to be cheap and probably might not bother stopping to try some on.  But if you have a good quality display,  and quality product,  customers will be more willing to stop and possibly buy some of your sunglasses.  The main idea is to have the highest possibility for a sale,  and with the right sunglasses displays this will enable you to maximize this potential.


Sunrayzz Imports also carries reading glasses displays that are color coded per strength.  This makes choosing the wholesale reading glasses that much easier!  Who wants to go through a bunch of reading glasses trying to find the strength they need?  With Sunrayzz Imports reading glasses displays your customers will be able to find the number of the strength they need by color,  and simply look at that row to find the style that suits them best!

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