If I do have to narrow it down from all the great designs on the Sunrayzz site and choose a style that I have worn the most recently, it’s definitely going to be the WAYFARER UF21844. When I leave my apartment and grab a style I want to wear, I find myself always grabbing these classic Wayfarer’s. The great thing about this particular style of Wayfarer is that it’s got a unique sharp retro looking design and can pretty much go with any article of clothing in my closet. Whether it be casual, formal or professional they are sure to add that extra piece of style to complete your look. One can choose their primary color design (blue being my favorite) to fit over a fashionable transparent frame. When I put these on I daydream just a bit and imagine chartering a yacht full of my friends into a tropical paradise were the music plays loud and the sun is shining over a bright clear sky. In reality it’s just me taking the bus, but looking damn stylish and feeling great while I do it. We can only dream right?


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