Having the right shades can also mean having the right attitude and charisma to go with them. Sunglasses can really add a lot of character and finesse to a person. I knew that when I was a little boy, all my movie heroes knew how to rock a good pair of shades and looked super cool doing it. Check out my personal top 5 movie sun glass wearing bad asses

5- Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Tom Cruise had it all in this movie, good friends, beautiful girlfriend and accomplished every boys dream of flying a fighter jet.

4- The Blues Brothers

What’s better then driving around playing music all the while dressed in Black suits?

3- Men in black

Not many people can look this stylish shooting aliens with futuristic weapons while saving the world.

2-Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider

Dennis is living the American Dream (well mine at least) of riding around on a motorcycle and being free with not a care in the world.

1-Arnold as the Terminator

This is the obvious choice as I really can’t name anyone I know that does not like these movies. The Terminator is the epitome of a cool looking character in a film. I still smile every time I see him take the shades from the biker in the second movie.

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