Summer has ended, the rays of the warm sun have gone and now it’s fall. Brisk air, misty/foggy mornings and the leaves are falling, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your sunglasses away. For a place like Vancouver, B.C., clouds are everywhere and it rains, but in places like Winnipeg, or Montreal… pretty much anywhere east of Vancouver there is snow.

The sky is even brighter with the snow on the ground and the suns rays can be really harmful; so it’s a good idea to keep those sunglasses handy and not let them collect dust. This is the time to look for great deals for your store and stock up for the new upcoming season or (for those who live in a place where there is snow) to keep your customers happy and protected from the sun. Be sure to check with Sunrayzz Imports and see what sales they have for the end of the season. Give them a call 604-733-1266 or email them at

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