Kids in the 90's

Growing up in the 90’s can have its moments of “Oh my gosh, I wore those?!” and you reminiscing about when you listened to Gansters Paradise by Coolio and thinking you were some thug. The fashion and the music and everything else that comes with the 90’s has faded and thank goodness it’s in the past. The one thing that’s still got it’s charm though is the Heart Shaped Sunglasses. I wore these as a kid, had the side pony tail, with my ugly black and hot pink floral dress and man, I thought I was the coolest thing ever.

Hipsters love these, celebrities love these and you gotta start lovin’ these sunglasses. You can rock them out as a party animal, or maybe to be seen as a sweet heart (pun unintended) or maybe for nostalgic reasons. No matter what reason you choose, you are gonna look hot!

Celbrities in their Heart Shaped Sunglasses

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