The feature of the week for Sunrayzz Imports is the new Mixed Swiss Sport Wholesale Sunglasses and Mixed Women’s Vintage Wholesale Sunglasses styles.

The Mixed Swiss Sport has three cool styles: MS22706, MS22710 & MS22714.  All three of these styles in one box for only $25.00 USD.

The Mixed Women’s Vintage is featuring six retro styles: WV22110, WV22111, WV20115, WV22102, WV22101 & WV23503. And for only $3.00 more you can get the Mixed Women’s Vintage dozen for $28.00 USD. What a great deal, I think I might wanna pick up a Mixed Women’s Vintage Dozen for myself because I love wearing retro style sunglasses.

The mixed dozens are a really great purchase; you can give your customers more variety to choose from and inventory is much easier to work with (less excess). And if you’re a new customer, this is a great way to start off. You can see what Sunrayzz Imports sunglasses are all about and for a really great price.

Be sure to check out Sunrayzz Imports site for their mixed dozen under the style name: Mixed Swiss Sport MSS01 & Mixed Women’s Vintage Style MWV03.

Mixed Swiss Sport MSS01

Mixed Women's Vintage MWV03

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