Drum roll please… Sunrayzz Imports’ feature of the week are the killer, true classic Wholesale Polarized Platinum Aviators.

Platinum Aviators MA23702

Platinum Aviator MA23701

A blurb about why these are so killer:

  1. They are polarized, so when the sunlight reflects off of a horizontal surface it can create a harsh white light known as “glare”.  Generally, ordinary sunglasses just darken images, but with polarized lenses, the glare is reduced and what you see is much clearer.
  2. Two of the four pairs are made out of Aluminum, so the quality/durability of these sunglasses are outstanding for the price you are paying, they are comfortable and light weight.
  3. They look hot. Plus you can rock one of these sunglasses like the boys from The Expendables.

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