Remember when you were a kid or, I guess, “back in the day” when baseball was so cool and everyone loved the Toronto Blue Jays? Yeah, those were the days. 1993 marked the last time the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series, and Joe Carter was the man to do it. A baseball game and a moment that will never be forgotten; leaving the hit and Joe Carter as icons. Something else also became iconic when he made that hit: his awesome sunglasses.

When I walk down the street and see someone in those sunglasses, I always think and call them the “Joe Carter Sunglasses!” And what’s awesome is that you can still find styles that are like his.


Like the X-Loop MS22011 that Sunrayzz Imports carries. What makes it even better is that it comes in a bright color, they have mirrored lenses and are slightly over sized. “Touch ’em all, Joe! You’ll never hit a bigger home run in your life!”

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