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2009 will be an interesting year for retailers.  The economical conditions are having a global impact and more than ever retailers are looking to cut costs any way they can.  Fortunately, the replica sunglass industry should experience only minor effects from the economic downturn.  If there are any ways to save money and reduce the costs of doing business now would be the time to follow through on them.  Retailers should look for ways to trim their operating costs in order to stay on an even keel.  The first place to start looking at cutting costs is with your distributor of wholesale sunglasses.

Canadian replica sunglass retailers looking to trim away at their supply costs should take a close look at their supplier.  As a retailer you should carefully examine the quality of the merchandise you are selling and the costs to acquire them.  Are you satisfied with the product your supplier provides for you?  Are you happy with the price you’re paying?  And more importantly, are your customers happy with the replica sunglasses they’ve been purchasing from you?  If you answered “No” to any of these then it’s time to shop for a new supplier of wholesale sunglasses.

Another point to consider is where is your sunglass wholesaler located at?  If your supplier is not located in Canada, then switching to a Canadian wholesaler is a must.  The savings from buying locally as compared to a wholesaler based in the US is enormous.  While the prices on wholesale sunglasses from a Canadian wholesaler are comparable to that of the leading US wholesalers, there is a remarkable difference in the added on costs.  Shipping charges are far less with a supplier of wholesale sunglasses in Canada as related to a US supplier.  Plus there are no additional charges such as duties and brokerage fees.  You can easily trim 20% or more from your supply costs by ordering from a wholesaler in Canada instead of a US based wholesaler.

Sunglass retailers in Canada can cut their costs in a variety of ways.  They can reduce labor costs, cut back on their hours or reduce the level of customer service.  But if they are buying their wholesale sunglasses from out of the country they can instantly reduce their operating costs by simply switching to a Canadian wholesaler instead.

Sunrayzz Imports is here to be your Canadian supplier of wholesale sunglasses.  If you haven’t shopped with us before, you will find that the quality of our sunglasses meets or exceeds the quality you’ll find from the major sunglass wholesalers located elsewhere.  Plus, our prices compete with even the largest of suppliers.  Choosing us as your supplier instead of a US based company will save you money without sacrificing style or quality!

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