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Are you looking for a good supplier of wholesale sunglasses in Canada?  If so, then we are the wholesale supplier you are looking for!

We have been in the sunglass business since 2002; first as retailers and then converted the core of our business to wholesale sunglasses in 2004.  Since that time we have grown and expanded into one of the leading suppliers of wholesale sunglasses in Canada.  With over 340,000 transactions and 85,000 happy customers we are confident you will find the highest quality replica sunglasses at the best possible prices with us.

We are located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and ship out wholesale sunglasses worldwide.  While we do have an extensive amount of customers worldwide, we also understand that our products bring added value to customers in Canada due to our location.  Retailers located in Canada who purchase from us gain impressive savings as compared to if they had purchased their sunglasses from a distributor located elsewhere.  Retailers who purchase wholesale sunglasses from a company located in the US will have to endure the additional costs of cross-border shipping fees, duties, brokerage fees and the GST (Goods and Services Tax).  These increased fees can really eat at your profits and that’s why it makes much more sense to purchase wholesale sunglasses from a distributor located in Canada.

If you haven’t visited us before, come on over and check us out at  We have an extensive collection of replica designer sunglasses, have great customer support and we continually have sales on our merchandise that are tough to beat!  We also offer live support through our website, so feel free to chat us up if you have any questions.

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