Have you seen what the express shipping charges from the US to Canada are?  Ouch!  But for retailers in Canada who purchase wholesale sunglasses from a distributor located out of the country this is an all too common occurrence.

The normal shipping charges on freight coming into Canada from the US are high enough as it is with the added taxes and duties that are applied on the shipments.  Then add the additional charges that the shipping company applies to these orders and you can be quickly up to your neck in extra fees that you would not have paid from buying from a wholesale sunglass distributor located in Canada.

As a retailer, there are times when the standard delivery times just aren’t fast enough and you need to have your order expedited.  This is easily done through any shipping courier but for a much higher cost.  If the order needs to cross borders, then the fee is substantially higher.  If you are not familiar with what the current rates are, try calling a shipping company like UPS and ask for a rate quote on packages shipped from the US to Canada.  A small order of wholesale sunglasses that has a shipping weight of 10 lbs. coming from California and going to Toronto will be charged a handsome amount in shipping fees.  The amount becomes astronomical if express shipping is used.

Compare these high shipping costs to the shipping costs from a Canadian wholesaler.  There are none of the additional taxes and duties applied to your order other than the GST.  And the standard shipping rates are much, much lower than what you would pay for an order from a US company.  If you currently are a Canadian retailer purchasing wholesale sunglasses from a company in the US, compare the shipping fees you are currently paying as to what you would pay from Sunrayzz Imports.  We think you’ll find the difference to be quite significant.

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