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Jun 19, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


When Olympic Eyewear was first established in 2006, we knew we were entering a market with a long history. We knew we were not inventing sunglasses or looking to penetrate a niche market, Rather, we were starting our company in order to become a leading player by disrupting an established industry. In the years since, we have earned a reputation for being a top-quality wholesaler of designer sunglasses.

And as we sell sunglasses wholesale, we support a virtual army of retailers who buy from us at wholesale prices and then resell the products online, in retail shops, at festivals and concerts, and so on. We are thrilled to say that retailing sunglasses is an excellent business model more than capable of sustaining a small business owner for the entire course of a career. Simply put, there will always be a market for sunglasses. It is simply a matter of learning how to tap into that market.

For the record, here are five reasons there will always be a market for sunglasses:

1. Their Long History

Though designer sunglasses are a 20th century invention, the concept of protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun actually dates to the early first century and Alaska’s Inuit people. The Inuit made ‘snow goggles’ using pieces of ivory with small slits cut in them. These early sunglasses allowed them to see on bright, sunny days while protecting them from snow blindness.

The point is that eyewear created to protect the eyes from the sun has been around for centuries. That need for protective eyewear is not likely to disappear at any point in the future.

2. A Desire for Good Health

Within the last decade or so there has been a nearly universal push for people to live healthier lives. Part of that push is giving due respect to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. We know ultraviolet and blue light can both be damaging to the eyes, and so we wear sunglasses outdoors to protect ourselves.

3. Occasional Medical Requirements

Due to the harm that the sun can do to the eyes, sunglasses are mandatory after certain kinds of surgical procedures. For example, people must wear sunglasses for a time after undergoing LASIK surgery. These sorts of medical needs create a natural market for sunglasses, albeit a limited one.

4. More Time Outdoors

One of the results of our desire to live more healthy lives is that we are spending more time outdoors. Increased time outdoors means increased need for protective eyewear, whether that is designer sunglasses or generic sunglasses purchased at the local pharmacy. As long as people are getting out and about, they are going to want protective eyewear.

5. Greater Fashion Consciousness

Lastly, human beings have always had an eye for fashion. Throughout the ages, we can easily observe which styles were in at any point in history, as well as those that were out. Sunglasses have been a big part of fashion ever since Bausch & Lomb introduced the first aviator glasses in the 1930s. Today, consumers are more fashion conscious than ever before. They see a good pair of designer sunglasses as being just as important to their fashion sense as the rest of their clothing and accessories.

We sell sunglasses wholesale because we know the market is there for retailers. That market is destined to be around for a long time to come. Here at Olympic Eyewear, we are committed to continually expanding our inventory of fine designer sunglasses for the benefit of our wholesale buyers and their retail consumers.





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5 Reasons There Will Always Be a Market for Sunglasses

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